a designer-friendly Javascript toolkit for building better websites

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Getting started with rScript is super-easy!

  • Install
    <!-- install inside <head> tag -->
    <script src="rscript.c.min.js" type="text/javascript" async></script>
    <script src="rscript.nc.min.js" type="text/javascript/r_defer"></script>
  • Use
    .r_mobi #my-element-1 {color: #ff0000;}
    .r_mobi.r_phone #my-element-1 {color: #00ff00;}
    .r_mobi.r_tablet.r_landscape #my-element-1 {color: #0000ff;}

rScript is a JavaScript toolkit for building mobile-friendly, fast, and intelligent websites. Using a novel technique called turbo-classes that statefully updates classes on the DOM when important events occur, plus a robust collection of useful API methods for everything from breakpoint management to data-binding, you'll have everything you need to build powerful websites.

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rScript is a great toolkit for your Web project because it's:

  • Pure Vanilla

    rScript is 100% native JavaScript with zero external dependencies

  • Built to enhance CSS

    rScript makes your CSS more powerful and more manageable at the same time

  • Built for Performance

    rScript isn't just fast, it's got built-in features to make your Web pages fast too

  • Lightweight

    rScript has a critical payload of less than 20k gzipped, so it won't weigh down your Web

  • Rich in Functionality

    rScript has a robust set of API methods that help you make short work of tough tasks

  • Easy to Learn

    rScript has a low learning curve, so you can get started in no time at all

You're going to love rScript if:

  • You need to simplify your already bloated and complicated frontend Web stack

  • You don't want to spend a lifetime learning how to use new tools

  • You want a solution that works well with CSS and also JavaScript

  • You want to use a solution that will not slow down your Web pages

  • You want a solution that has functionality for today and is also extensible for tomorrow

  • You'd prefer a functional and lightweight toolkit than a full-blown framework